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Music Courses


"What do you really need to know in order to become a SKILLFUL Gospel musician and Minister of Music? "

  • Gospel Chord arrangement
  • Chord Voicing
  • Inversions
  • Chord Embellishments
  • Fill Ins, Turnarounds, and passing chords
  • Scales (soloing)
  • Dominate chords(7th,9th,11th 13th), Quartal chords Suspended chords
  • Tritones, Minor 9th and 11th chords
  • Left Hand Chord voicing
  • Rootless Voicing( playing with a base player)
  • Worship, Prophetic, Talk, Preacher, and shouting chords

The Pitfalls of not Understanding What you are playing

Many musicians can only play gospel music by sheet music, FAKE books, or from other seasoned musicians showing them note by note. There is nothing wrong with sheet music or having someone teaching you a gospel song. The downfall of this is that it handicaps many musicians. They do not understand the concepts behind those rich Gospel Chords or progressions. Some musicians play a popular gospel song but are not able to play a congregational song by EAR or even a simple hymnal. Knowing and understanding these concepts will allow you to apply them to other songs. Gospel Chords and progressions in songs usually use the same common patterns.

-"Eventually you will be able to listen to a CD in your car or house and call out the base and chord before playing it on the piano or organ."

May God bless you!

James A Barnes, PRESIDENT

free lessons


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